Legg øret ned mot marka #3 Lydsyklus

My MFA project Legg øret ned mot marka consists of two parts. A soundwalk in Bjørvika, and an installation of plants, process and organic imprint onto paper shown at The Oslo Academy of the Arts. To start the walk, the participants could borrow an ipod with headphones or download a soundfile to a smart phone from a QR-code in a printed material delineating the route. The printed matter was coloured by plant extractions. Field-recordings threw different seasons mixed together with a spoken text, moves the listeners under and above water at this site near the ocean in Oslo.

Time recording is present in both parts of this work, where people are moved in past, present and future. Bjørvika in Oslo, Norway as a site is undergoing a fierce transformation. As a temporality and a place in a constant state of change, something disappear and some emerge. A human made cycle in contrast to ecosystems, which function according to another logic. My work moves between these opposites, aming to raise the lower voices.